About us

IZZI is a brand name for a set of tools, services and applications for creation and distribution of digital educational content. It was created by Profil Klett, educational publisher from Croatia, EU, which is a part of Klett group – an education company that operates around the world with more than 80 companies in 19 countries.

Profil Klett has been an established educational publisher for more than 20 years, known for excellence and innovation in the education sector in Croatia.
After a long period of searching and testing different tools and approaches to digital publishing without finding the right fit, we decided to build a tool based on the vision of a digital product that could adapt to the needs of all ages – from preschool, to adult training and education.

In reality, we created this system for ourselves. After we did, the interest and positive feedback we got from our professional contacts in the business motivated us to commercialise the product and offer not just our product, but also our services and know-how to interested clients in the international market.


If you have a need to create digital educational publications, we are here to offer our services, knowledge and experience together with the tool we created to stand out from the outdated solutions present on the market today.